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Enjoy High Pressure Shower

Enjoy High Pressure ShowerAquadance is a brand of showerheads made by Interlink products. These are the owners of a few different bathroom brands, and clearly know their stuff. The AquaDance 7” high pressure shower combo is an exceptional product, and arguably one of the very best on the market available at such an affordable price tag.

The low price should not put you off this product, as it far outperforms its valuation. This is advertised as a dual-head shower massager with rainfall. This means there are two different showerheads, one which is handheld and can be used to rinse specific areas, and the other which is a rainfall style, large showerhead designed to be stood underneath. On top of this, there are loads of different options and settings to help you customize your showering experience to the exact one you want.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this particular showerhead to help you evaluate it, at a glance:


  • Hand shower has six different settings to suit your preference. These are extremely easy to switch between.
  • Water diverter to change from the hand shower to the rainfall-style showerhead in a flash.
  • Tool free and simple installation, you don’t need a plumber to set up the AquaDance showerhead.
  • This shower’s overhead bracket is totally adjustable, meaning you can point the shower head (or heads) in any direction you please. Use it totally hands free and enjoy the rainfall in your direction of choice.


  • Could be made from slightly higher quality material. It may not be as long-lasting as some of the competitors on the market.
  • If running both showerheads together, the water pressure can become a little weak.

Key Features

Enjoy High Pressure ShowerBuild Quality

Build quality is an interesting area to cover with the AquaDance 7”. This is such a well-designed and easy-to-use product that we don’t wish to downplay its excellence. That said, there are competitors which use higher quality finishes such as brushed chrome, for instance. These can be more resistant to rust or limescale, problems you may experience in the long term with some other building materials.

The AquaDance is well made in so many ways, though. The steel is durable, the design is solid and there are very few problems with the product. While it may not feel quite as classy as some of the more ‘classic’ designs of showerhead when you open up the box and install it, it still has a limited lifetime warranty and plenty of durability.


Similar to the feeling you get when evaluating the build quality, this doesn’t straight away strike you as an especially luxurious bathroom fitting. It doesn’t have a classical feel to it, and doesn’t look like it should accompany an antique roll top bath.

Instead, this has a really modern look, and one which is striking in its own way. Naturally, people are likely to instantly notice the fact that there are two showerheads built into one, and this gives it an inherent modern feel. This is made out of stainless steel with a chrome finish. Putting it broadly, it looks good, not spectacular.


Another huge tick in the box for the Aquadance is the ease of installation. This truly is one of the simplest installs you could wish for. When many of us think about installing something in the bathroom, it can be daunting. The brain assumes plumbing and therefore some knowledge required. This is not the case here.

Not only does the AquaDance ship with all the instructions and connections you need, so long as your shower connection is a standard ½”, it has only hand-tightening fittings. This means no tools are required at all to get your showerhead up and running. This process only takes a few minutes and you’re up and running.

The easy install doesn’t mean it is likely to come loose, either. Once you’ve fitted your new showerhead it is extremely rare that any issues should occur, even without using tools. Some showerheads are a little more tricky, and require some form of expertise. The Aquadance is as easy as possible, even if you’re not keen on DIY.

Flow and Feel

The flow and the feel of a shower are vital components. When you add it up, we spend a huge amount of time under our showers. We want to feel refreshed, invigorated and even uplifted when we have a shower, and the main role a shower head can play in that is giving a great feel and flow.

The AquaDance does an exceptional job of creating a great flow and feel when you’re in the shower. Considering the shower heads are restricted to 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) as this is the regulation for all of the USA, the pressure it creates truly is impressive.

As you would expect, the rainfall showerhead is designed to have more of a gentle flow, but the hand shower (which doesn’t have to be handheld) can really build up some power. One criticism is that if you have both of the heads running at the same time (something which is an option with this showerhead) then it can lose a bit of its power. This is to be expected, though, and one showerhead is enough for anyone!


If you’ve read many other showerhead reviews then you will know that economy is often dictated by the GPM restrictions already mentioned. The flow of a shower must be regulated so that not more than 2.5 gallons can flow through it per minute, which means that most modern showerheads are quite economical.

The 2.5 GPM limit is right where the AquaDance model sits, too. This ensures that the economy is brilliant, and more impressively, it shows what is capable at 2.5 GPM. The pressure this showerhead builds up is great. If you’re using an old shower, this can be an upgrade not just on pressure and power, but also on economy. The knock on effect can be both a better shower experience and a more affordable water bill at the end of the month.

Naturally, for a showerhead with so many different settings, each of these uses the water slightly differently. None of them exceed 2.5 GPM, but some do use less water than this, making it even more efficient.

While some users have taken out the water flow restrictor to give more power running through, we don’t recommend it. This can make it less economical and even void the warranty of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this made totally from metal?

Answer: There is some plastic used in the process, with metal coating to complete the finish.

Question: Does the AquaDance come in any different finishes?

Answer: No, at the moment the chrome finish is the only design available, which can be a bit of a negative if you have other fittings in a brass finish, for instance.

Question: How long does the handheld showerhead extend?

Answer: The reach of the cord is five feet, which is plenty for most of us to reach anywhere we would need to. One slight negative is that the handheld section is higher, meaning it can be tough to reach for shorter people.

Question: Are the heads adjustable?

Answer: The answer is yes, in the case of both showerheads. The smaller head is adjustable due to the fact you can take it out of the holder and move it around, or reposition it within the holder. The larger, rainfall shower head can also swivel around to suit the angle and coverage you’re looking for.

What Does The Customer Say?

Collecting consumer reviews and feedback is easier than ever via Amazon or other online retailers, and in the interest of a fair and unbiased review, we like to include the opinions of others.

Usually, some common themes appear within people’s reviews, with features people love, or things they’re not so keen on. This section is for aggregating that information and showing you what the customers feel about the AquaDance 7” dual-head shower massager with rainfall.


One recurring theme in the many consumer and professional reviews of this showerhead is the coverage. Many people are full of praise for the surface area this can soak! A seven inch main head, combined with a four inch head on top of that, which can both be run at the same time, means loads of spraying water, perfect if you love to really immerse yourself in the shower.

Another big benefit to the coverage is the fact that you can swivel and adjust both heads. Not many showerheads can give this level of control.


The price of this unit is definitely something well worth mentioning. It crops up time and time again in customer reviews. Of course, the fact that it isn’t made of the very best materials means the manufacturer has an easier time keeping the price at a reasonable level, but it is still impressive.

To be able to buy such a great quality product for under $50 is almost unheard of, and especially one with so much positive feedback. Many of the products at similar prices are flimsy, and the AquaDance is anything but that.

Ease of Install

For many of us, this is a key criteria in our buying decision. Why buy a showerhead that will take hours of hassle and stress to set up when there are products like this which take just minutes. We mean minutes, too!

Sometimes a product advertises being easy to install, but a degree of knowledge is already assumed. A read through the customer reviews of the AquaDance show that this is not one of the products which makes claims about its ease and doesn’t follow through. Tons of users are praising the hassle-free (and tool free) installation process. You don’t have to know a thing about plumbing or DIY to get started here.

Settings Galore

Another feature people are very impressed by is the amount of different settings available on the AquaDance. The settings are controlled simply via a switch on the side of the shower head, and are as follows: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Pause Mode, Rain Mist, Power Mist.

There is also a three way diverter, which is designed to help you choose between the three possible combinations. You can use just the rainfall head, just the handheld head, or both heads together, depending on your preference.

Customer Service

It is rare that people are so complimentary about the customer service of a company. In the case of the AquaDance brand, the discussion people seem to be having about the customer satisfaction is totally justified.

As a USA brand, the company has employed live customer representatives, based in the USA, who can answer questions and queries you have about the product, or offer support on the odd occasion something should go wrong. On top of that, it comes with a lifetime warranty which the makers describe as “hassle-free”. No need to answer a million questions, if it breaks, you can ask for a replacement.

Final Thoughts

I think perhaps the best way we can summarize the AquaDance is to say that there isn’t much about the design which could be improved. If we were being really particular, we might say that the use of better materials could be wise. Realistically, though, the way this product is made means that there are rarely any issues. There is little denying that this looks best in a modern bathroom design, especially one which already has a lot of chrome fittings, but it can work in other scenarios too.

The AquaDance has the rare combination of low price and tons of features, making it one of the most flexible, adaptable and ultimately popular shower combos on the market. As showerheads go, you can’t go far wrong with the AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure 3-way Rainfall Shower Combo.