Which Is Healthier: Spring Mattress or Memory Foam Mattress?

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Choosing mattress is an essential task that defines the quality of your sleep. Also, mattresses are associated with significant effect in health and development of the body. Spring and memory foam mattresses offer different sleep experiences which suit different individuals.

a) Spring Mattress

Spring Mattress or Memory Foam MattressSpring mattresses were invented earlier than the memory foam mattresses. They are associated with softness and plushness. These mattresses are poor in supporting the spine and posture of the body. Also, they concentrate the body weight on some parts and hardly on others. However, spring mattress is susceptible to constriction. This cuts its life-length making it unreliable.

b) Memory Foam Mattress

Spring Mattress or Memory Foam MattressMemory foam mattress was invented in the early 1970s. It was designed to support the spacemen in the rockets on their trips to and fro the space. However, the mattress has been used by many people in their bed. It is associated with flat and supportive surface that maintains the posture of the body and spine.

Which Mattress is Suitable for Your Health?

Memory foam mattress has been heavily recommended by health specialists. The mattress is associated with numerous health benefits. Also, it is more durable than the soft mattress. The following is a list of the reasons why you should choose a memory foam mattress.

1) It allows Effective Pressure Distribution

The mattress keeps the body on a supportive and a flat surface during sleep. Therefore, it reduces any chances of infliction of pressure on some body parts than others. All the body’s pressure is distributed to body organs equally. Thus, one is able to establish a comfortable and pressure-free sleep.

2) It Supports the Spine and Posture of the Body

Sleeping on a flat and supportive surface keeps your spine and body posture in proper position. Memory foam mattress does not constrict easily. Thus, it is effective in correcting the body posture and spine appearance. This makes it suitable for individuals suffering from back pain, stiffness, and joint pains and problems.

3) Memory Foam Mattress is Hypoallergenic

The mattress is not made from any chemicals. It is also free from allergic materials such as latex. The mattress does not emit any chemical or harmful gases. Individuals suffering from allergic conditions can comfortably sleep on this mattress. Also, the mattress does not encourage the dust, mites, and other organisms from living in it.

4) For Proper Breathing

Spring Mattress or Memory Foam MattressFoam mattress supports the body by keeping it on a flat position. It does not hold the body into one position through constriction. Thus, one is able to turn easily and breathe with ease. This makes sleep more comfortable and healthier.

5) Memory Foam Mattress is Effective in Controlling Temperature

Proper temperature during sleep offers comfort and relaxation. Allergic people may be unable to sleep on mattresses associated with high and uncontrolled temperatures. Memory foam mattress is manufactured with temperature-sensitive materials. Thus, it discourages excessive build-up of temperature which may interfere with your comfort and health.


Memory foam mattresses are manufactured with well-researched and recommended materials. They also come with longer warranty duration. This proves their suitability to give comfort and health benefits during sleep. They are motion transfer resistance. Thus, they are suitable for use without partner disturbance. This is important where two or more individuals are sharing one bed.

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