Reasons for Getting Fresh Air for Better Health

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Reasons for Getting Fresh Air for Better HealthFresh air is a great component of good health. Individuals who are frequently exposed to bad odors and restricted fresh air may be susceptible to contracting different health conditions. Mostly, congested places as well as foreign substances may result to limitations in accessing fresh air. Air conditioners and room ventilation may be used to give way to fresh air in such places.

How is Fresh Air Associated with Better Health?

1) Fresh Air is Essential for Blood Pressure, Circulation, and Transportation

Polluted environments, poor ventilated places, and congested places may lead to high blood pressure. This is due to the shortage of oxygen as compared to its demand in the body. To avoid this, you may prefer changing location or installing air conditioners in your house. This will help you in regulating the presence of fresh air.

By breathing, you allow in fresh air with oxygen while letting out carbon dioxide. However, without fresh air, you will be in the risk of increasing carbon dioxide and other gases amount in the body. This may lead to impurities and contamination of the blood and the lungs. As a result, you may contract diseases such as cancer, TB, and headache among other airborne diseases. Therefore, fresh air is necessary to prevent this contamination.

Food nutrients are usually transported to the tissues together with oxygen. Hence, fresh air with oxygen hastens digestion and absorption of food. By boosting transportation and circulation, fresh air indirectly facilitates the removal of carbon dioxide, toxins, and other waste products from the body. This is essential for boosted body immunity.

2) Fresh Air is Good for Physical Exercises and Improved Moods

Reasons for Getting Fresh Air for Better HealthExercising in congested and non-ventilated places causes several instances of oxygen debt in the body. This may limit one’s ability in exercising extensively. Physical exercises are essential for good health. Therefore, individuals should perform their physical exercises in an outside environment and in places open to fresh air.

Serotonin secretion depends on the volume of oxygen inhaled. Serotonin is associated with good moods and improved sense of well-being and happiness. Basically, individuals who are in an environment with fresh air tend to be happier and in good moods than those who are in polluted or congested places with bad odor.

3) Fresh Air is Essential for Brain Functioning

Oxygen is required for respiration. Fresh air contains 21% oxygen. Thus, by breathing in fresh air, you supply the red blood cells with oxygen which is essential for energy production. In the brain, energy is required in higher amounts.

Proper supply of fresh air to the brain cells maintains the respiration process at the par. Thus, the brain cells are open to high energy production and supply. As a result, you are able to maintain a sharper mind. At the same time, this enhances you to prevent fatigue especially while you are working or reading.


Fresh air prevents the risk of contracting meningitis. This is a condition that results to instant deaths. Also, fresh air is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Therefore, it is advisable for you to spend much of your time outside the city or in areas with a clear access to fresh air.

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